Saturday, July 18, 2015

Navy Recruiter Accidentally Shoots Himself At Recruiting Office Gainsville, Georgia

GAINESVILLE, GA (CBS46) - A Navy recruiter is recovering in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself with his personal weapon that he brought to work Friday morning. Gainsville Police said he accidentally shot himself in the upper thigh. No one else was injured. The incident happened at a military recruiting office on Dawsonville Highway. Police said they are looking into whether the recruiter brought the gun for protection in light of the events that occurred in Chattanooga. As of Friday afternoon, the recruiter who shot himself did not make any statements to investigators. The policy at the recruiting center is indicated on signs posted on the window of the facility. It clearly states that no guns are allowed. Not even for recruiters. The man couldn't have his gun on his hip because of the policy, but other store owners tell CBS46 that they heard the recruiter may have been hiding the gun in his front pocket. They say it went off as he was sitting down. CBS46 has been told that this incident prompted a visit from people in Washington D.C. The Navy spokesperson is expected to make a statement on the incident.  Read More>>>>>>

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