Saturday, July 11, 2015

Muslim Plants IED On Salty Brine Beach RI -BLOWS UP WOMAN!


Gas explosion? No, someone planted the IED.

IED: an improvised explosive device (a simple bomb made and used by unofficial or unauthorized forces).

Muslim planted the device and fled to film the incident.

The authorities have not caught the suspect yet.

A Rhode Island beach has been evacuated and a bomb squad is on-site following an explosion. The blast, which occurred at Salty Brine Beach at around 11.15am, threw a 50-year-old woman several feet into the air off the sand and onto the rocks of the beach's jetty, authorities said. The victim was rushed to South County Hospital. Her current condition remains unknown. Bomb technicians from the state's fire marshal's office are currently at the scene - while police are hunting for a possible suspect whom they believe may have planted something under the sand. Investigators think the culprit might have hidden the explosive device in the sand, then fled toward Rogers Williams beach, Sgt Thomas Silvia, of the Department of Environmental Management, said. Daily Mail Read More >>>>>

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