Saturday, July 18, 2015

Italian Hunter/Nationalist Places Deer Blood On Statue Of Virgin Mary Fooling Thousands Of Pilgrims Into Thinking That Eyes Of Statue Were Bleeding

Virgin Mary statue's tears were deer blood, exams show

Auditore, July 17 - Blood streaming from the eyes of a statue of the Virgin Mary Which Attracted crowds of pilgrims to the small Italian town of Auditore in recent days was only deer blood, medical examinations have Showed. Tears of blood were first spotted last week falling from the eyes of the Our Lady of Lourdes statue, kept in a chapel in the town in the Marche, central Italy. However medical experts have discovered in Ancona That the blood is from a deer or similar animal. As it now Appears the blood was the result of a prank, Auditore's mayor said he would file a complaint for causing alarm, two to the number of people That arrived in the town to see the weeping statues. Gazzetta del Sud Read More>>>>>>

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