Wednesday, May 12, 2021

NYPD Cop,Thomas Valva, Who 'Froze His Autistic Son, 8, To Death By Making Him Sleep On Ice Cold Garage Floor', Sobs In Court As It Plays His 911 Call

Thomas Valva

Save your tears: NYPD cop, who 'froze his autistic son, 8, to death by making him sleep on freezing garage floor', sobs in court as it plays his 911 call 

An NYPD transit cop charged with murder of his eight-year-old broke down after a recording of the 911 call he made on the day of the boy's killing was played in court. The chilling emergency call on January 17 last year was played at a pre-trial hearing in Suffolk County Supreme Court on Tuesday. Michael Valva, 41, has been charged in the murder of his son, Thomas, who was allegedly starved, beaten and locked outside their Long Island home. He died of hypothermia after sleeping in an unheated garage on a freezing night on January 17. Valva and his fiancée, 42-year-old Angela Pollina, have been charged with second-degree murder in Thomas' death. Valva was given custody of Thomas and his brother in September 2017 despite desperate pleas from Thomas' biological mother, Justyna Zubko-Valva, and concerns from school officials that they were being abused. During the 911 call, Valva can be heard telling an operator that his son had 'stopped breathing,' before saying: 'He fell down and banged his head.' 'I don't know if he's breathing or not … His heart stopped. He banged his head pretty good.' Source

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