Friday, May 28, 2021

San Jose Shooter Sam Cassidy, 57, Had Stockpile Of Weapons: Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, 17 Molotov Cocktails And 25,000 Rounds Of Ammunition

San Jose shooter who killed nine co-workers stockpiled an arsenal of 25,000 rounds of ammunition, Molotov cocktails and booby-trapped his kitchen, reveal FBI 

The San Jose gunman who killed nine people on Wednesday at the transport hub where he worked had 25,000 rounds of ammunition and multiple weapons in his home, sheriffs have revealed. Sam Cassidy, 57, killed himself on Wednesday morning after the attack at the Valley Transport Authority. Inside his home he had left a series of home-made bombs, timed to explode at the same time he began his rampage. A fire broke out at the property in the Ramblewood district of San Jose, but it was not burnt to the ground. The neighborhood was evacuated and bomb detecting robots sent inside.'Initial investigations indicate over 25,000 rounds of ammunition. Several firearms have been located at the residence including several Molotov cocktails that the bomb squad is currently deactivating,' said Sgt. Joe Piazza, a spokesman for Santa Clara County sheriffs' office.

The streets around Cassidy's home in the 1100 block of Angmar Street were evacuated, so that a bomb squad could detonate the explosives found inside. Piazza told a press conference on Friday: 'Various weapons have been located. Those weapons were located at different locations within the residence. So they were not all centrally located, you'd normally see in a safe or closet or something like that.We've seen shotguns, rifles and handguns at the residence.' The sheriffs office later confirmed that 12 weapons were found at the home. KTVU said there were 17 Molotov cocktails, and that Cassidy was a hoarder, which slowed the discovery of the devices. San Jose police spokesman Steve Aponte confirmed a 'hoarder situation' further hampered the search. Piazza said they believe the weapons were placed in various locations around the home so Cassidy could have access to them in case his plot was foiled. Cassidy had started a fire in the kitchen, where he had placed ammunition inside a pot on a stove and surrounded it with accelerants. 'They were in glass containers that were filled with liquids,' he said. 'It appeared to be flammable liquids. Further lab testing will be done at a later date to confirm the actual liquid, but there was also some cloth or paper on the top of them which can be set on fire in order to use the device.' Source

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