Friday, August 21, 2015

Distributism In Action: Off-The-Grid Virginia Commune Where Everything Is Done The Distributist Way! GK Chesterton Would Be Proud!

Reason Why Distributists Are Fucking Idiots....

They share everything - from housing, clothes and cars to the care of their children. And perhaps more remarkably, they have to ask for permission before having a baby. But that is just the accepted way of life for the residents of Twin Oaks - a commune in rural Virginia with a population of only 105. The commune, which was formed 48 years ago, comprises 92 adults and 13 children who live a lifestyle of 'clever poverty' on 450 acres of woodland. Residents live in harmony below the poverty line, sharing resources with each other. They grow food together, drive communal cars from Twin Oaks' main office, live and sleep in houses with as many as 22 other people, look after each other's children and eschew monogamy.

At Least They're Wearing Clothes For The Camera......

Children are 'homeschooled' in a building in the commune - and are required to start working one hour a week at the tender age of four. This time period gradually increases with age, ABC's Nightline reports. Incredibly, residents all get an equal monthly allowance of a mere $103, for which they must complete 42 hours of labor per week (this drops to one hour a week when they turn 50). The work they undertake includes cooking, cleaning, tending to the commune's gardens and milking cows. It also involves making tofu and rope hammocks, which the commune sells commercially. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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