Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two Muslim Immigrants Responsible For IKEA Knife Murders In Västerås, Sweden Are Responsible For The Murder Of Lisa Holm Murder In Lidköping, Sweden


Two black Muslims from Africa entered Sweden illegally. The two Muslim men took two lives on Monday - a Mother and her son.

The Muslim noon (Dhuhr) prayer time for Västerås, Sweden is 12:50.

The Knife attack took place approximately 1pm - enough time for the two Muslims to utter their Muslims prayers and go on a killing rampage using IKEA knives that were near at hand in IKEA's Kitchen section:

The two Muslims are living in free government housing. 

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after the deadly knife attack at an IKEA warehouse in Sweden on Monday. The victims, a mother, 55, and her 28-year-old son, died at the scene after being stabbed in the cutlery section of the store in Västerås, some 70 miles west of the Swedish capital Stockholm. The suspects, aged 23 and 35, are both asylum seekers from Eritrea, staying in the same government-provided accommodation in the area, local media reports. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

The Authorities will not call this a terrorist attack but only a murder.

A murder - just like the murder of Lisa Holm.

Lisa Holm

The suspect in the murder of Lisa Holm is still in custody. He is a 35 year old white male from Lithuania. The wife of the suspect was been released and the 31 year old brother of the suspect has been released as well.

Lisa Holm was kidnapped from the cafe where she was employed. She was later raped, stabbed and dismembered.

Her body was found on 12 June.

The Authorities have until 25 August to determine if they have enough evidence to prosecute the Lithuania immigrant.

Did the two Muslims in the IKEA knife murders also murder Lisa Holm in June?

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