Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sigma Chi Frat Pledge/Gun Nut Steven Jones, 18, Kills Fellow Frat Brother & Wounds Two Other Frat Brothers!

Freshman shooter who killed one Delta Chi frat brother and injured three more says he was acting in self defense after being punched in the face in late-night brawl

A Northern Arizona University freshman charged with first degree murder after shooting a fellow student dead and wounding two others claims he was acting in self defense. Steven Jones, 18, killed fellow student Colin Brough with two shots to the chest and one to the shoulder after getting into a fight with members of the Delta Chi fraternity outside an all-Greek residence hall on campus in the early hours of yesterday. Prosecutors said Jones, a pledge from the Sigma Chi fraternity, got into the fight in the parking lot outside the dorm and was punched in the face before being chased to his car where he kept a pistol. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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