Thursday, October 5, 2017

Police Refuse To Release Stephen Paddock's Suicide Note....Why?

Police refuse to release the suicide note (see above) why?

Why not tell the public what is in the suicide note?

Photos from Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas hotel room were leaked to the media this week. The pictures have been posted by various news outlets and have been circulating on social media over the past two days. Some people have noticed that there appears to be a note of some kind that was found inside of Paddock’s Mandalay Bay suite. As you can see in the photo above, there is a white piece of paper on a side table next to a chair in front of the hotel room windows. The piece of paper is being held down by a roll of lime green tape, perhaps so that it wouldn’t blow away. It also looks like there is a pen next to the sheet of paper. Even if you zoom in on the photo, however, you can’t see if there is any writing on the paper. Source

No writing seen on paper...maybe because Paddock turn the paper over....

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