Sunday, October 31, 2021

Whispering Joe Biden "I Did That!" Stickers For Gas Pumps And Empty Shelves.

Biden Gas Pump Stickers: ‘I Did That’ Trend Goes Viral 
 It’s not just the “let’s go Brandon” meme. The latest viral trend to mock President Joe Biden are Biden gas pump stickers that say “I did that” and show the president pointing in the direction of a price. According to multiple videos on TikTok,the stickers are popping up on gas station pumps throughout the country. They’re also showing up on grocery store shelves as consumers make commentary about prices. One Biden gas pump sticker was spotted at a gas station in Cecil, Georgia. They’ve been spotted in states throughout the country. The “I did that” stickers mocking Biden are widely for sale in bulk on the Internet, including on What’s the meaning behind them? They’re intended as a commentary criticizing Biden for things like rising gas prices. You can see some of the TikTok videos with the “I did that” Biden stickers throughout this article.“I’ve been going around Ohio putting Biden stickers on gas pumps,” one TikTok user captioned a video showing just that. Source

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