Friday, October 22, 2021

Why Are These Two Elementary School P.E. Teachers??? Two Drunken Woke Sodomites Went Into Wrong Apartment, Got in Bed Before Shooting Tenant

Akkua Hallback (left) and Darius Cohen (right)  

Why would anyone let their child be near either one of these men?

2 school teachers accused of going into wrong apartment, getting in bed before shooting tenant

A pair of alcohol-impaired elementary school P.E. teachers entered the wrong Florida home, and one eventually shot a man who lived there. Two Florida elementary school physical education teachers have been accused of entering the wrong apartment, and one of the intruders shot an actual tenant who lived there. According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Darius Cohen and Akkua Hallback spent the night of Oct. 10 drinking in some Vero Beach bars, local media reported. Afterward, Cohen drove to an apartment complex of an area woman; Hallback waited for her inside her residence. Cohen waited outside for a few hours but eventually needed to use the bathroom, and he contacted Hallback. Hallback went out to get Cohen, but upon returning inside, the two 26-year-old men entered the unlocked door of the wrong apartment, where a family lived. Source

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