Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are Distributists Secretly Racists? Secretly Anti-Semites? Name One Black Distributist! Name One Jew Distributist!

Are You A Racist?

Government workers are required to take a test to see if the are racist. The test is stupid of course:
Workers at the U.S. government's Forest Service have been asked to use online tests to check whether they are secretly racist, or harboring other biases. The federal employees were asked to use work time to take tests, lasting some 15 minutes each, to see whether they have unconscious biases based on sexuality, nationalist, race and whether somebody is disabled. The practice was reported on by the Washington Times, which said the directive to take the Harvard quizzes came from Forest Management Director Bryan Rice. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>
Maybe the Distributist should test themselves to see if their are racists. Not unreasonable to accuse Distributist as racists or even Anti-Semitic considering there are no Blacks in Distributist circles nor are there any Jews in the movement.

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