Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pot Head Luke Goodman Buys Gun For Protection Eats Five Peach Tart Edibles Hears Voices Then Blows His Head Off With Gun!


A popular college graduate died this past weekend in Colorado, after his family say he took too many marijuana candies and killed himself. Luke Goodman, 23, of Tulsa, Oklahoma ate four times the prescribed amount of a peach tart marijuana edible candy in addition to a THC-laced red velvet cookie and proceeded to shoot himself in the head with a gun he brought on the trip for protection. Goodman's family say he was a charismatic and outgoing young man who never showed signs of depression or suicidal thoughts before. They blame his death solely on the edibles. 'It was 100 per cent the drugs. It was completely because of the drugs - he had consumed so much of it,' his mother Kim Goodman told CBS Denver. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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