Saturday, March 21, 2015

Boston's Joloperros Gang Kidnap Danny Veloz: Tagged Victim's Car With A GPS Tracker And Monitored His Movements For Months On A Big-Screen TV Inside Veloz's House

A gang that allegedly specialized in organized, armed and violent crime that were often referred to as 'Joloperros' - Spanish for 'stick-up guys' - will finally go to trial this summer for their role in the elaborate kidnapping and assault of two men in Boston. The FBI says the 'Veloz Crew' - headed by Danny Veloz, who is known as 'The Maestro' - went to elaborate lengths to kidnap a man they believed to be a major dealer of homemade Percocet pills, which deliver a heroin-like high. The plot was one of many underground kidnappings that police say targeted dealers in order to obtain large ransoms of cash or drugs, believing that going after criminals reduced the risk of involving authorities. The Joloperros tagged the victim's car with a GPS tracker and monitored his movements for months on a big-screen TV inside Veloz's house,The Boston Herald reported. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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