Monday, March 9, 2015

Dark Skinned Muslim Gang Of Teenagers Terrorizing Residents Of Wolverhampton UK With Hammers, Knives & Guns Are Finally Arrested AFTER ONE YEAR!!

Muslim Thugs

Three teenage thugs whose terrifying gang battle with knives and a hammer was caught on camera have been jailed. An imitation gun was fired and a teenage girl was battered to the ground as children watched on in horror while the group of 20 thugs 'bristling with weapons' brawled in the streets of Wolverhampton in April last year. Footage taken on a mobile phone captured the horrifying scenes as they unfolded outside the Britannia Hotel before the violence spilled into the hotel foyer. Wolverhampton Crown Court heard the battle took place between the Firetown and the 623 gangs who joined forces to confront another unnamed rival group. An imitation firearm was fired in the air by a 16-year-old who then pointed the weapon at another of the girls while Connor Chambers, 17, was seen waving a knife at a rival.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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