Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mark Shea Excuses Antisemitism Of GK Chesterton Claims His Jew Hatin' Views Were A Product Of His Age

I guess if you're anti Jew in this day and age the best course is to ask Mark Shea for his blessing so you can carry on your Jew hating without the stigma of being labeled Antisemitic:
The only thing that will get in the way (and not a few fellow Chestertonians tear their hair at me when I say this) will be his conventional Victorian and Edwardian views on Jews and some of his remarks on race. However, it should not be forgotten that GK’s life, like that of any saint has a story arc and that he changes over time under the influence of grace (which is what makes any person a saint). We don’t canonize people because they were flawless, but because they submitted their flaws and their virtues to the will of Jesus Christ and tried to do his will. Read More>>>>>>

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