Friday, June 3, 2022

Mexican Gonzalo Lopez Murders White Grandfather And Four Of His Grandsons

Grandfather and his four grandkids including 11-year-old twins killed by Mexican mafia member who escaped from prison bus in Texas three weeks ago: Convicted murderer is shot dead during firefight with cops

A family of five murdered by a convicted killer on the run from Texan police have been named and pictured, after the shocking prison escape and its terrible conclusion. Mark Collins, 66, was staying in a remote rural cabin with his four grandsons when he was discovered by the convict on the run, Gonzalo Lopez, 46. Lopez murdered Collins and his four grandsons: Waylon, 18, Carson, 16, and twins Hudson and Bryson, 11. He then stole their car and AR-15, and drove off, eventually dying in a shootout with police. Waylon graduated from high school last week, according to the grandfather's brother-in-law, who posted on Facebook about the murder. He described the loss of his family members as 'unbearable.' According to a Facebook post from the Tomball Little League, the oldest child was an umpire.The moment that Lopez - a convicted murderer and Mexican mafia member- made his dramatic escape from a prison bus on May 12 was captured on a cellphone by a local resident. Lopez can be seen in the clip running into a wooded area. The video was shot by fourth grader Braxton Tieperman who was in the car with his mother, Melanie, when the crash happened in Leon County, Texas. Braxton can be heard saying: 'Yo, we saw the inmate! What the heck?' Melanie Tieperman later told KAGS TV: 'There was an inmate in a white suit that was out of the bus, jumped the fence he then ran up the hill and into the woods. 'The Jewett police officer was there and he didn't try to pursue the inmate.' Source

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