Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Twenty Third Spring Explosion: Passenger Ship MV DUMAI LINE 5 Blows Up In Batam Port, Riau islands, Indonesia, Singapore Strait.

Following up a ship explosion over in the UK a couple of weeks ago...

Passenger ship explosion, fire, 1 dead, 1 missing, 4 critical. Singapore Strait.

Passenger ship DUMAI LINE 5 early in the morning Jun 9 suffered explosion followed by major fire in front of Batam Port, Riau islands, Indonesia, Singapore Strait. Understood there were no passengers on board, the ship was probably at anchor (last AIS dated Jun 7). 1 crew died in explosion, 1 jumped overboard after explosion and went missing, 4 were badly burned, they’re in hospital in critical condition. Loud bang from explosion was heard ashore, scaring locals. Fire which followed the explosion, engulfed most part of the ship, she’ll probably, burn out. Source

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