Sunday, October 9, 2022

Bomb Or Cylinder Of Gas? Authorities Claim That Creeslough Explosion That Killed Ten & Wounded Eight Was Caused By One Cylinder Of Gas? What?


First they made it seem that the gasoline pump at a service station blew up

Then they made it seem that the explosion was cause by natural gas

Now that claim that the explosion was caused by one  Cylinder of Gas!

Not several Cylinders of Gas but one!

How are we to believe that one Cylinder of Gas caused all this damage? killing ten people and wounding eight?

 One Cylinder of Gas Did All This?

They are lying.

It was a bomb that blew up and killed Ten and wounded Eight and destroyed an Apartment building.

Not One Cylinder of Gas

The names of all Ten victims have been released.

One of them is a black immigrant from Zambia.

The Eight wounded are not named.

How many Muslims are in that eight that are wounded.

One of the deceased is Creeslough Native Jessica Gallager, 23, who lived in the apartment with her live-in boyfriend. 

The boyfriend is in the Hospital. He is 20 years old.

What is his name?

They have not released his name.


Was the Boyfriend making a Bomb at the Time of the Explosion?

The Media has told us that Creeslough native Jessica Gallager, 23 who died in the blast had a live-in boyfriend. He sustained injuries but the Media does not give his name. What is his name? Jessica traveled extensively in the middle east. Did she meet her boyfriend there?

  • Muslim Boyfriend?
  • studied design at a university in Paris
  • traveled extensively around Asia. (Daily Mail means Middle East)
The family of a twenty-three-year-old girl are heartbroken after she was one of ten people who lost their lives yesterday in a massive explosion at a petrol station in Ireland. 

 Devoted daughter Jessica Gallagher, a Creeslough native, lived in an apartment above the petrol station with her boyfriend, who was badly hurt in the explosion. He was rushed to hospital where he remains in a serious condition A friend told MailOnline: 'Jessica studied design at a university in Paris and she'd travelled extensively around Asia.'She'd moved in with her boyfriend above the petrol station shop and was at home when the explosion ripped through the building. 'Her boyfriend had been about to have a shower. I think he's being treated in hospital in Dublin and is in a bad way.' 'Jessica was a lovely girl, she grew up in Creeslough and went to school here. She had a lot of friends, who are understandably distraught at the news.'Source

When Daily Mail uses the word Asian - they actually mean the middle east or Muslim. It is a trick that the Daily does so as not to offend Muslims.

Anytime Muslims Rape and Murder the Daily Mail always describes the Muslim criminal as 'ASIAN' so as not to offend the Muslims.

Remember that Muslim Sex Grooming Gangs awhile back? the Daily Mail referred them to as 'ASIAN' sex grooming gangs - so as not to offend the sensitive Muslims.  

Is that what is going on here?

It looks like they will slowly release details of the bombing.

One Cylinder of Gas, my ass.


  1. You have a point. Exploding gas cylinders don't normally level buildings nor result in multiple fatalities.

    1. Thanks I saw that. Wondered why all happened on the same day. Plus most of the explosions were small and from small gas cylinder table top stoves.