Saturday, October 8, 2022

Nine Dead In Creeslough Bomb Explosion

Media misleads saying petrol station shop when its obvious that the explosion came from the Apartment Building.  Plus there is no evidence of any damage by fire from a gasoline explosion. None. Now the Media says it's a 'gas blast' but never says Natural gas. 

There is a Mosque 25 miles south east of Creeslough. Irish don't seem to care that Muslims have invaded their land.

Other possibility is that this blast was caused by Witch and her demon. (don't laugh)

Five-year-old gone who had gone to petrol station shop to buy her mother a birthday cake is believed to be one of nine killed in Irish 'gas blast' along with her father, a mother and her young son 

A mother and her young son are feared to be among at least nine people killed following a massive explosion at a petrol station in Ireland. They had been inside the shop at the Applegreen service station in Creeslough, County Donegal, when a suspected gas blast tore through the building. The mum and son had called in to the shop just after school had finished, locals told MailOnline today. Another victim of the explosion, which destroyed an apartment complex attached to the shop, is said to be a local farmer in his 60s. Hero villagers in Creeslough formed a human chain to try and remove debris from the destroyed petrol station shop and rescue some of those trapped inside. They managed to free one badly injured girl, aged in her mid-teens, but were unable to reach her friend. Shouts for help were heard coming from the rubble of the building but the threat of further collapse and the presence of gas forced the rescuers back. One man, who arrived at the scene within ten-minutes, but declined to be named as he was still raw with shock said: 'It was pure panic and chaos but a kind of organised chaos. 

'There was debris everywhere, big blocks of concrete all in the road. 'The petrol station forecourt was buried under rubble where the building had collapsed and there was still bits falling down. 'I could see the body of a man on the forecourt. I checked his pulse but there was nothing. 'We could hear shouts of 'help' coming from the people trapped inside. There was a man's voice and woman's voice. 'About ten of us formed a human chain and were lifting blocks of concrete and other debris and passing it down the line to try and reach those trapped. 'We got one young girl out. She looked to be around 15 or 16-years of age and was quite badly injured, she had a lot of blood on her face. 'She could walk but was very shaky and she kept on saying 'my friend is still in there'. 'We did all we could but there was just too much rubble to remove, it was back-breaking work, and it looked as though the building was going to collapse some more. 'The Gardai and fire crews arrived and moved everyone away from the scene for their own safety.' One woman who lived nearby said: 'I heard an almighty bang and came out to see what had happened. 'It was carnage, that's the only way to describe it, a few lads had rushed in to pull away debris and try and get to people trapped inside, but it was a dangerous situation. Source

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