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Polish Nationalist Couple 'Suffocated Their Four Children Moments After They Were Born And Then Hid The Babies' Bodies In A Stove'....

Polish Nationalism will save the World!

Farmers too!

Polish house of horror: Couple 'suffocated their four children moments after they were born and then hid the babies' bodies in a stove'

A couple have been charged with suffocating their four children moments after they were born and hiding their bodies in a stove and under a tree. The pair, named only as Aleksandra J and Dawid W by Polish police, were arrested after neighbours reported seeing the woman pregnant four times but never seeing any children. The bodies of the four babies were found by police on a farm in the village of Ciecierzyn in Opolskie Voivodeship in south-western Poland. An investigation began after local residents told the police that the 27-year-old female suspect had been pregnant four times in the last five years but the babies had never been seen. Police officers then began searching the property owned by her and her partner, Dawid W, and are said to have found the bodies of three of the babies hidden in a stove and the remains of the other youngster buried under a tree. Source


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