Thursday, December 12, 2013

16 Year Old Oklahoma Boy Shot And Killed By Friend In Hunting Accident? Where Was The Supervising Adult?

The incident happened Saturday afternoon around 2 on Pierce Road in Panama, authorities said. The victim and a 14-year-old friend were returning from a camping trip when the 14-year-old tripped, causing his gun to go off, according to Sgt. Andrew Bevil with Panama Police. The bullet struck 16-year-old Ryan Self in the neck 5News
An Oklahoma teenager has died days after his 14-year-old friend accidentally shot him during a hunting trip. Ryan Self, who turned 16 on Friday as he fought for his life in hospital, was shot in the neck when his unnamed friend tripped and set off his gun on Saturday last week. The friends had been on a deer hunting trip in Panama at the time of the shooting, which police have ruled an accident. Ryan's aunt, Regina Hall, told News 9: 'Last Friday, he celebrated his sixteenth birthday. Didn't celebrate, he was in the hospital ... it just wasn't supposed to happen to him.' Ryan and his young friend had been walking along a road at about 2pm on November 23 when the younger boy tripped and set off his rifle. Daily Mail 
Hunting trip?
Camping trip?

16 year old boy was not driving. Both boys were walking.

Oklahoma law states that youths must be accompanied by an adult:

Youth Deer GunAge Requirements 
Youths under 18 years of age: All youths while hunting are required to be accompanied by an adult, 18 years old or older. The adult cannot gun hunt, but may archery hunt while accompanying the youth hunter. The adult hunter may not possess any firearms except under provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act and Oklahoma Firearms Act.

Did the boys have a license to hunt? Where was the accompanying adult?

Someone failed here big time and now a boy is dead.

The boy was brought up in the Assembly of God Church. And now resides forever in hell.

So much for hunting.......

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