Saturday, June 28, 2014

Distributist Mark Shea Never Tells You Why He Is A Distributist But Will Tell You Why He Does Not Vote Democrat Or For That Matter - Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, Constitution Party, America First Party, American Conservative Party, American Freedom Party, American Populist Party, Americans Elect, America's Party Christian Liberty Party, Citizens Party of the United States, Communist Party USA, Freedom Socialist Party, Independent American Party, Justice Party, Modern Whig Party, National Socialist Movement, Objectivist Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Peace and Freedom Party, Pirate Party, Prohibition Party, Reform Party of the United States of America, Socialist Action, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, United States Marijuana Party, United States Pacifist Party, Unity Party of America, Workers World Party.....

Slippery as a snake Mark Shea will never ever tell you why he is a Distributist - because he can't. You see Distrubitism has never ever been put into practice. Distributism does not exist in the real world. Sure there are men who farm and call themselves Disribiutist - but in reality they are nothing but farmers.

So instead of telling you why he supports the imaginary political movement that has already saved mankind - Distributism - Shea instead will tell you why is does not support actual political movements.

Here, Shea, tells you why he does not vote Democratic:
Why I Don’t Vote Democrat June 23, 2014 By Mark Shea 26 Comments Senate Democrats Pushing Bill to Wipe Out Every Single Pro-Life Law on Abortion
Maybe Shea is too busy fantasizing about Star Trek or Star Wars Or Lord of the Rings to write his Magnum Opus on the glorious political movement know as Distributism.

I bet you if a bunch of crazies created a political party based on Star Trek or Star Wars Or Lord of the Rings  or even dressed like the characters in Star Trek or Star Wars Or Lord of the Rings then Shea would put all his energy into shilling for the Star Trek Political Party or Star Wars Political Party Or Lord of the Rings Political Party.

Until then Shea will tell you why he doesn't vote for any of the following real life political parties that still exist or at one time did here in the USA:

  1. Democrat Party
  2. Republicann Party
  3. Libertarian Party
  4. Green Party
  5. Constitution Party
  6. America First Party
  7. American Conservative Party
  8. American Freedom Party
  9. American Populist Party
  10. Americans Elect
  11. America's Party
  12. Christian Liberty Party
  13. Citizens Party of the United States
  14. Communist Party USA
  15. Freedom Socialist Party
  16. Independent American Party
  17. Justice Party
  18. Modern Whig Party
  19. National Socialist Movement
  20. Objectivist Party
  21. Party for Socialism and Liberation
  22. Peace and Freedom Party
  23. Pirate Party
  24. Prohibition Party
  25. Reform Party of the United States of America
  26. Socialist Action
  27. Socialist Alternative
  28. Socialist Equality Party
  29. Socialist Party USA
  30. Socialist Workers Party
  31. United States Marijuana Party
  32. United States Pacifist Party
  33. Unity Party of America
  34. Workers World Party

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