Wednesday, October 14, 2020

UPS Human Resources Supervisor And Denver Agitator Jeremiah Elliot Walks Away From Shooting Shouting “ One Less White Supremacist! F*uck Yeah! RIGHT IN THE F*CKING DOME!”

Black Guns Matter Agitator at Denver Rally is Jeremiah Elliott A provocative agitator gained national attention after his appearance at the Patriot Muster rally this past weekend in Denver. During the rally that resulted in the murder of Lee Keltner, a U.S. veteran by a 9News Denver contractor, footage of a highly aggressive agitator in a “Black Guns Matter” shirt surfaced. Now, that agitator has been identified. Jeremiah Elliott, also known as "Black Guns Matter Guy" was seen arguing with the victim, Lee Keltner, seconds before Keltner was shot and killed.Thanks to our collaboration with local journalist Joseph A. Camp, we now know that the “Black Guns Matter Guy” is Jeremiah Elliott.  Source 

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