Sunday, August 29, 2021

Arkansas Poisons Hotline Flooded With Calls About Deworming Drug Ivermectin....

“Consider the cattle, grazing as they pass you by. They do not know what is meant by yesterday or today, they leap about, eat, rest, digest, leap about again, and so from morn till night and from day to day, fettered to the moment and its pleasure or displeasure, and thus neither melancholy nor bored. Friedrich Nietzsche Dr Ann Barnhardt the Cow Drug Pusher....

Dr. Ann Barnhardt (the cow medicine pusher) claims that Covid is not real. Dr. Ann says that the Cow medicine must be taken to prevent getting Covid. 

So if Covid isn't real according to the cow medicine pusher Dr. Ann, then why would you take cow medicine to prevent you from getting sick of an illness that doesn't exist?

If the illness isn't real then why take a cure?

More of Ann's victims in the State of Arkansas:

Arkansas poisons hotline is flooded with calls about deworming drug ivermectin after state's lawmakers touted it as COVID drug despite CDC warning against it

Arkansas' official poisons hotline has received four times more calls about a deworming drug being used as an unauthorized COVID treatment this year than it has over the last four years combined. The Arkansas Poison Center has received 24 calls from people who've ingested Ivermectin so far this year, having previously received just six such calls in total between 2016 and 2020. While ivermectin can be used to treat other conditions in people, experts say the doses given to animals is far higher, and should never be ingested by people. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has warned Americans it is dangerous to take ivermectin as a COVID treatment, although it continues to fly off the shelves Large doses of this drug, however, can cause serious harm to humans if ingested. Those who ingested the drug were reported suffering from gastrointestinal issues as well as neurological in some. 'Ivermectin can be prescribed off label for other uses, and that is a decision between a physician and a patient,' Arkansas Secretary of Health Jose Romero told KATV. On August 24, a warning was issued by The State Health Department to avoid using the drug as a way of treating COVID-19. Dr. Marti Sharkey, the public health officer for the city of Fayetteville, said that the belief Ivermectin could be used as a treatment method came from a study that showed high doses of the drug did prevent COVID-19 from reproducing. 'We have a vaccine that is FDA approved that prevents serious illness and death, and monoclonal antibodies have been approved by the FDA for emergency use, decreasing the need for hospitalization for those with a high risk of complications', Sharkey told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. 'We have tools that we know work. I do not understand why you would turn to a therapy that is not approved by the FDA, is unproven against Covid-19 and potentially lethal.' Source

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