Wednesday, August 4, 2021

David Lidstone, 81 Year Old Prepper, Has Lived Off-The-Grid In New Hampshire Woods for THREE DECADES Is Arrested For 'Squatting On Private Property'

Man, 81, who has lived off-the-grid in small solar-paneled cabin in New Hampshire woods for THREE DECADES is arrested for 'squatting on private property' 

An 81-year old New Hampshire man has lived in a remote cabin along the Merrimack River in New Hampshire for nearly three decades, but was forced off the property and arrested on July 15 as the owner plans to tear it down. David Lidstone, a U.S. Air Force veteran and father of four, is behind bars on a civil contempt sanction for squatting illegally for 27 years. A judge has said that he could be released, however, if he agrees not to return to the cabin and lets its owner demolish it. 'He holds the keys to the jailhouse in his hands,' Judge Andrew Schulman said. 'He can open the door and leave whenever he'd like. All he has to do is agree to abide by the court's prior orders.' But Lindstone refuses to leave what he's come to know as his home. He told Schulman, 'You came with your guns, you arrested me, brought me in here, you´ve got all my possessions. You keep ´em. I´ll sit here with your uniform on until I rot, sir.' The wooden, two-level A-frame cabin is near the Muchyedo Bank, and in between the Merrimack River and Interstate 93. It is fitted with solar panels and a wooden balcony. It's interior features a cluttered kitchen with pots hanging from the ceiling, some appliances, and curtains on the windows. Lindstone, who is known by local boaters and kayakers as 'River Dave,' created a footstool with a base made of stacked beer cans, which sits on his porch. He's attached lights, a mirror and a pulley for a clothesline to logs supporting the cabin. He has grown his own food, cut his own firewood, and tended to a pet cat and chickens. Near the home is a gravel path leading to vegetable garden plots outlined by logs and some berry bushes. Lidstone gets his water from a stream and often spends time along the Merrimack River. Source

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