Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Eleventh Winter Explosion: Westlake Chemical In Louisiana Blows Up!

Noon explosion.

Another noon Day Devil Explosion...must be a thing...

6 minor injuries reported after explosion at Southwest Louisiana chemical plant Wednesday 

SULPHUR, La. — News media in Lake Charles are reporting that an explosion has occurred Wednesday at a Southwest Louisiana chemical plant. The Lake Charles American-Press is reporting that the explosion happened just before 11 a.m. at the Westlake Chemical South plant in Sulphur which is the former PPG plant. A 12News viewer working in Orange County reports that she heard and felt the explosion. Just before noon a Westlake Chemical spokesman told KPLC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Lake Charles, that an empty Ethylene Dichloride storage tank exploded resulting in six minor injuries. One person was treated on site and five others were taken to area hospitals, Joe Andrepont, plant spokesperson, said. All injuries were non-life threatening. The spokesman also said that all shelter-in-place advisories and been lifted and that there are no vapors in the air. Ethylene dichloride, which is a man-made chemical not found naturally, is commonly used in the production of vinyl chloride according to the National Library of Health website. Vinyl chloride is used to make plastic and vinyl products inducing PVC pipes, furniture, automobile upholstery, wall coverings and automobile parts the site said. The EPA classifies it as a “probable human carcinogen.” The American-Press is also reporting that teachers at schools in Westlake and Sulphur have said that their building shook during the explosion. Source

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