Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Chris Daniels Shot NINE TIMES At Point-Blank Range And Survives....No One Knows Who Shot Daniels....

Something fishy here......

Father of three is left for dead in his driveway after being shot NINE TIMES at point-blank range for refusing to give armed robbers his wallet

Armed robbers shot a Texas father of three nine times in his driveway while he was outside smoking and left him for dead. Chris Daniels, 29, of Katy, Texas, was outside his garage smoking on February 20 at 10pm, when he told his mother, Janie Davis, that he was approached by a ski mask-clad man and an accomplice, who told Chris to give them his wallet. Davis said that her son refused to comply sparking a fight during which Chris was repeatedly shot at point-blank range. Source 

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