Monday, June 4, 2018

Bearded Atheist Domenic Micheli, 36, Kills Boss With Hatchet

Thou shalt no kill....

Atheists tend to ignore that command...because Atheists don't believe in God.........

Nashville police hunt for fired gym employee who killed his former boss with a hatchet 

Nashville police are searching for the man who they say killed his former boss with a hatchet Monday morning. Domenic Micheli, 36, is suspected of stabbing gym owner Joel Paavola, 46, to death at The Balance Training center before 7am. Micheli was reportedly fired from the gym 14 months ago by Paavola and went to the west coast before returning. Witnesses say they saw Micheli pacing back and forth in the parking garage before carrying out the attack.Authorities say that Micheli went to the Belle Meade shopping center where the gym is located to target Paavola with a hatchet and another 'cutting instrument'. Nashville police tweeted that Micheli will be charged with murder. Paavola was considered a fitness guru who would give speeches about living a healthy lifestyle. 'I went through boot camp twice with Joel. He was one of the nicest, most dedicated human beings,' Randy Rayburn told Tennessean. 'Joel was one of the most enthusiastic and well-rounded people I've ever known in my life. I worked out with him for a couple years (at another gym). He was just a wonderful father and human being.' Source

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