Monday, June 18, 2018

Yevgeny Roizman Claims Taxi Driver Who Mowed Down World Cup Fans In Moscow Is A MUSLIM TERRORIST And Authorities Are Covering It Up To Avoid Bad Publicity

Yevgeny should have added 'MUSLIM' to Terrorist.

ISIS inspired terrorist got cold feet and ran after plowing down a bunch of Mexicans....

Taxi driver who mowed down World Cup fans in Moscow 'is a TERRORIST and authorities are covering it up to avoid bad publicity', claims Russian politician

The taxi driver who mowed down pedestrians including World Cup fans near Moscow's Red Square was a 'terrorist', a prominent Russian politician has claimed. Chyngyz Anarbek Uulu, 28, from Kyrgyzstan, says he was driving while exhausted and 'passed out' at the moment when a video shows his yellow taxi lurching to the right, mounting a pavement and ploughing into a crowd of people. Footage appeared to show the driver trying to flee from the scene before being apprehended. Police and the FSB security service are investigating and for now are treating it as a road traffic incident. But opposition politician Yevgeny Roizman says he 'believes it was a terrorist attack' and that the crash - which injured two Mexicans, two Russians, a Ukrainian and two Azerbaijani citizens - was 'absolutely deliberate'. Source

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