Friday, November 12, 2021

Anti-CRT Parents Were Spied On By Jewish Scottsdale School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg

Arizona school board president's secret dossier on parents who oppose CRT and mask mandates was discovered after he accidentally sent a link to a mom: Private investigator ran background checks and parents were filmed 

A school board president in Arizona has been accused of maintaining a secret online dossier containing personal details about parents who opposed mask mandates and Critical Race Theory. Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg's access to the Google Drive file was revealed after he accidentally displayed the link in a screenshot he sent to a parent in a heated email chain. The drive contained files labeled 'SUSD Wackos' and 'Anti Mask Lunatics' among others in a sprawling database tracking the online activities of parents in the district. The drive was set to public, allowing anyone with a link to view it, and the contents, including the Social Security numbers, financial information and divorce records of parents, quickly set off a firestorm of calls for Greenburg to resign, according to AZ Free News. A spokeswoman for SUSD did not immediately respond to an inquiry from on Thursday night. The unusual affair is just one example of the increasing tensions between parents and school leadership across the country, with passions running high over a range of issues from curriculum and reopening to mask and vaccine mandates. The existence of the Scottsdale dossier first came to light in August, when Jann-Michael Greenburg apparently sent a screenshot of a Facebook conversation to area resident Kim Stafford, accusing her of anti-Jewish sentiment. Source

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