Sunday, November 7, 2021

TWITTER Bomb Threat: Cornell University Students And Staff Urged To Leave Campus

CORNELL University law school has supposedly received a "bomb threat" after the law school posted an urgent Twitter warning to evacuate their campus. At about 2.20pm ET, New York's Cornell University sent out a tweet informing people to evacuate and avoid certain areas on the campus in Ithaca, New York. The tweet read: "CornellALERT: EVACUATE AND AVOID THE LAW SCHOOL,GOLDWIN SMITH, UPSON HALL AND KENNEDY HALL PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CORNELL POLICE UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY". A second tweet followed, stating: "CornellALERT: Ithaca Campus Evacuate and avoid the law school, Goldwin Smith, Upson Hall and Kennedy Hall." The reasoning behind the alert is unclear. At 3PM ET, the university posted an alert for the Ithaca campus. Avoid central campus. Evacuate areas in or nearby the Law School, Goldwin Smith, Upson Hall and Kennedy Hall. Source

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