Tuesday, April 12, 2022



  • Unidentified gunman wearing grey hoodie and green construction vest opened fire on northbound N train at 8.24am 
  • The suspect put on a gas mask then detonated a smoke bomb that was in his bag before firing the first shots 
  • Panicked commuters tried to flee into the next subway car but the door was locked - they were trapped until the train reached 36th street 
  • The gunman somehow vanished in the chaos - some fear he may have jumped onto the tracks and entered the subway tunnels 
  • Police found a .380 handgun and three extended magazines in backpack at the Brooklyn station 
  • Sixteen people were taken to NYC hospitals - ten were shot, four suffered smoke inhalation and another two were in shock 
  • NYPD is going door-to-door in Brooklyn asking for information, surveillance camera footage and pictures Anyone with information about the shooting or gunman is urged to call 800 577 TIPS

Shocked witnesses tell how bullets and smoke bombs triggered horror stampede:

Terrified witnesses have told how the shooting triggered a horror stampede - with children trampled on as commuters tried to escape the hail of bullets.

Passengers revealed there was a huge surge towards the exit of the subway cars as people screamed 'gun' and 'bomb' before fleeing for their lives.

Cemile Toseglu, 17, a student at Brooklyn Tech who was on her way to school, said other riders jumped over her in panic while the gunman continued his rampage.

She told DailyMail.com: 'The train carried on to 46th street but then we were told to get on the R train because the N wasn't moving.

'The R was very crowded, the most crowded I've ever seen it and everyone was cramped. On 25th street the train conductor said there would be delays so we were standing still.

'That's when there was like a loud noise and people ran towards me - a large crowd. A woman fell and people just ran over her.

'Someone then scream gun and I ran out of the train, I was near the exit but people were jumping over me to get themselves out too.

'No one really knew what was going on. I didn't see the man because I was closer to the exit in the next carriage. That was definitely the most crowded I've seen the R train.'

Speaking from her home, she added: 'I was most scared about the fact that there were a lot of children on the way to school.' Source

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