Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Highland Park Shooter Robert 'Bobby' Crimo, 21, Obsessed With The Numbers 4 & 7 Dressed Like A Girl To Hide In Plain Sight

Highland Park gunman dressed as GIRL to hide in plain sight after killing six before evading cops for eight hours in his mom's car with TWO legally purchased rifles: Cops probe link between July 4 shooting and his obsession with numbers 4 and 7 

Highland Park gunman Robert 'Bobby' Crimo dressed up as a woman to carry out yesterday's attack and was able to flee in the crowd because of the disguise, cops revealed on Tuesday. Crimo, 21, has not yet been charged for the massacre but he remains in custody and is speaking with the authorities. Police on Tuesday revealed that he legally owned multiple weapons including two rifles - one that was used in the attack and another that was found in his vehicle when he was arrested at 6.30pm last night. Crimo's motive remains unclear, but police say he had been plotting the attack for weeks. 

On Tuesday, it was revealed;
  • Crimo legally purchased the semi-automatic weapon used in the attack along with one other rifle and more, unspecified weapons, at a local store
  • He fired 70 rounds from the roof of a local store before ditching the weapon and running into the crowd himself
  • He walked to his mother's house then asked her for her car, without telling her what he'd just done
  • The woman gave him her vehicle, which he used to flee the area and drive eight miles north before being arrested
  • Investigators are still interviewing Crimo but they have not been able to determine his motive
  • He legally purchased the two rifles along with other guns in the local area - despite a ban on assault rifles in Highland Park, buying them at multiple locations.
On Monday, after the attack, he fled among frightened paradegoers, pretending to be one of the victims, and went to his mother's house. It's unclear if he told her what he had done or if she is being treated as a suspect, but he took her car. It comes as questions over the young gunman's motive, lifestyle and his obsession with the numbers 47 arise. Crimo had a 47 tattoo on his cheek and the numbers are emblazoned on the side of a car at his home. The vehicle was left abandoned in the front yard on Tuesday after the home was raided by FBI agents. Crimo also posted the number all over his social media accounts, where he also shared ominous rap videos that glamorized school shootings. It's unclear what the significance is; 47 is the date of July 4th in reverse. The next President will also be the 47th. Crimo is a Trump fan and previously attended his rallies. Source

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