Friday, April 22, 2016

Daniel Abbott, Husband Of Author Monica Wood Shoots Himself In The Head Three Times With A Flare Gun


The husband of renowned author Monica Wood was rescued from his flaming truck after 'shooting himself three times in the head with a flare gun'. Daniel Abbott, 65, was pulled from his burning vehicle by two passers-by on Interstate 295 in Freeport, Maine on Tuesday morning. One doused the flames with a fire extinguisher moments before they reached the truck's modified propane fuel tank, saving an enormous explosion.Paul Oleston and Jayson Forgues were the good Samaritans, reports WMTW. 'In the break down lane and I noticed a white pick up truck. All of sudden I was like "Oh there are flames coming from the vehicle,"' Mr Oleston told the outlet. Mr Forgues added that he saw a man inside the truck bleeding heavily. His natural instincts kicked and he pulled the man to safety, before dialling 911. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

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