Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vermont Distributism Crazies! Rainbow Family of Living Light.....

Rainbow Gathering Draws Thousands, Raises Concerns Over Cost, Safety And Cleanup
About 2,300 members of the Rainbow Family of Living Light are in Mount Tabor this week for the group’s annual summer gathering. Thousands more are expected by July Fourth when the event culminates with an elaborate prayer for peace. The first thing you notice coming up Forest Road 10 are all the cars and buses — 319 cars and 27 buses at last count. That’s how U.S. Forest Service personnel figure out how many people are at the gathering each day. Once you pass all the vehicles you start seeing cardboard signs directing you to campsites and kitchens, water sources and latrines. Monte and Tay stop to visit on their way to breakfast. Introductions are easy at Rainbow gatherings because most people only use one name, kind of like through-hikers on the Appalachian Trail. VPR Read More>>>>

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