Saturday, December 28, 2019

First Winter Explosion! Beechcraft Nitrogen Tank Explosion In Wichita

Winter explosions should be slower than Fall explosions....and Fall explosion less than Summer explosions....

I expect a lot of the Winter explosion to occur in Minnesota....

At least a dozen are injured in nitrogen tank explosion at Kansas aircraft manufacturing facility as buildings are blown up and cars set alight

A nitrogen tank explosion at a Textron Aviation aircraft manufacturing facility in Kansas has left about a dozen people injured. The explosion at the facility in Wichita was reported at about 8am on Friday. Emergency medical services took 11 people to the hospital with one of them suffering potentially serious injuries. Photos of the scene show extensive damage to the facility, as well as steam rising from a collapsed building. A four-inch natural gas line was severed during the explosion. The cause of the blast is under investigation. Injuries were limited because a skeleton crew was on duty during the holidays, said Deputy Chief Daniel Wegner of the Sedgwick County Fire Department. Damage was contained to Plant 3, a site for composite manufacturing and experimental aircraft fabrication including that of the SkyCourier, a spokeswoman for Textron said. Source

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