Thursday, December 19, 2019

PUTIN DOOM: "Admiral Kuznetsov" On Fire + Tu-22M3 Backfire Bomber Crashes + Gunman Opens Fire During Putin Speech To FSB Officers ......BOOM BOOM BOOM....

Boom, boom, boom, boom
I'm gonna shoot you right down
Right off your feet
Take you home with me
Put you in my house
Boom, boom, boom, boom
Mmmm hmmm
Mm hm hm hm....

12 DECEMBER 2019

PUTIN DOOM! Russia's ONLY Aircraft Carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" ON FIRE!

17 DECEMBER 2019

Russian Tu-22M3 Backfire Bomber Suffered Engine Malfunction And Crashed Landed.....

19 DECEMBER 2019

Three DEAD In Attack During Putin Speech At FSB Headquarters In Moscow

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