Sunday, December 1, 2019

Shirtless Wonder Austin Smith, 22, Of Marion, Indiana, Shoots His AR-15 From The Backseat Killing The Driver Annalysa McMillan....

Teen driver, 19, is shot dead by back seat passenger, 22, after AR-15 rifle he was holding fired through her seat 

A teenager was killed while driving her car after a passenger in the back fired an AR-15 rifle and hit her through the seat on Tuesday, police say. Annalysa McMillan was driving her car in Marion, Indiana, when the rifle discharged behind her and struck her in the back. Police say the single bullet went straight through driver's seat and hit the 19-year-old in the back. The shooting led to a minor car accident with another car, and officers who rushed to the scene could not resuscitate her. Austin Smith, 22, has been preliminary charged with reckless homicide in her death, police said. Officers say Smith was holding the weapon when it went off. He is being held on $1,005 bail.Smith also faces a charge of criminal recklessness while armed with a deadly weapon. Both counts are felonies. Two other people in the vehicle, aged 19 and 18, were not hurt, police said. Source

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