Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Venezuela Poo Pootov Cocktails......

Demonstrators in Venezuela, now on their sixth week of protests against the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro, have reportedly started responding to police’s tear gas attacks with so-called “poopootov cocktails” — yep, glass bottles containing human excrement mixed with water. According to El Pais, the fetid bombs made their debut over the weekend during clashes in the city of Los Teques, a few miles from Caracas.In the confrontation, according to the story that quickly became viral, a group of officers of the National Guard – militarized police – was the target of a feces attack and many were seen vomiting as they took cover. On Monday, El Pais reported, this type of “bombs” were used in the cities of San Cristóbal, Merida, Valencia and Caracas. Fox>>>>>>>>>

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