Sunday, December 31, 2017

Atheist Gamer Tyler Barriss Arrested For Making Phony Swatting Call: Andrew Finch Killed By Police After Phony Swatting Call Was Made To Police

Los Angeles police on Friday arrested a 25-year-old gamer they say made a prank call that led a SWAT team to fatally shoot an innocent man over an online gaming dispute. Tyler Barriss was detained by the LAPD hours after Andrew Finch, 28, of Wichita, Kansas, was shot dead by police. Authorities suspect Barriss called 911 and concocted a story about a hostage crisis in a Wichita, Kansas home. Barriss then allegedly gave 911 dispatchers Finch's address in Wichita. Barriss is alleged to have been engaged in a practice known in the online gaming world as 'swatting' - or sending a SWAT team to the home of another person by claiming there was an emergency that warranted it. Law enforcement sources told NBC News that Barriss became involved in a dispute with an online gamer. As retaliation, he gave police what he believed to be the address of the individual with whom he had an argument. Instead, the address was that of Finch, who had nothing to do with the original dispute.Source


Dispatcher: This is 911, what’s going on… Hello?

Caller: Yeah.

D: This is 911. What’s going on?

C: Um, I recently got disconnected. I had told you guys everything that happened about the argument with my mom and dad.

D: OK. What’s your address? Hello?

C: Yeah, um, it’s 1033 West McCormick Street.

D: OK. Tell me exactly what happened.

C: We were arguing and I shot him in the head and he’s not breathing anymore.

D: OK. So what’s going on right now? Are you there?

C: Yeah.

D: OK. Do you have any weapons on you?

C: Yeah, I do.

D: What kind of weapons do you have?

C: Um, a handgun.

D: What kind of handgun is it?

C: I don’t know. It’s my dad’s.

D: What color is it?

C: It’s black.

D: Where exactly are you at in the house? C: Um, by the closet.

D: OK. What closet?

C: My mom’s.

D: Where’s that at in the house?

C: In her room. Which is where she’s at, and my little brother.

D: You have a little brother?

C: Yeah. I was on the phone with you guys earlier, um, telling you guys about it. It got disconnected.

D: OK. Well, we’re gonna try to get you some help. Where exactly in the house? Is this a one-story or two-story house?

C: It’s one story.

D: Is it towards the front of the house? The back of the house?

C: Um, well, like, it’s towards the back, I guess. I’m just pointing the gun at them, making sure they stay in the closet, my mom and my little brother.

D: OK. Is there any way you can put the gun [inaudible]?

C: No. Are you guys sending someone over here? ‘Cause then I’m definitely not going to put it away.

D: OK. I’m just going to go ahead and stay on the phone with you, OK?

C: That’s fine. Until they get here, or?

D: As long as you need me to, OK?

C: Yeah, I’m thinking about, um…’Cause I already poured gasoline all over the house and I might just start a fire.

D: OK, well, we don’t need to do that, OK?

C: In a little bit, I might.

D: Why would you do that?

C: Do you have my address correct?

D: Can you verify it for me again?

C: Um, it’s 1033 West McCormick Street, um, my zip code is 67213.

D: OK. So, which way does your house face? Does your front door face north, south, east, west?

C: I don’t know. It’s just facing the street…My dad isn’t freezing, and it’s giving me anxiety and making me like paranoid. Hello?

D: I’m still here. I’m still here, OK?

C: Yeah, me too.

D: OK, are you white? Black? Asian? Hispanic? Are you there?

C: Yeah.

D: Are you white? Black? Asian? Hispanic?

C: [Inaudible] It was an accident, so…

D: OK, that’s fine. Are you there? Talk to me. Hello? Are you there? [Static heard in background] Hello?

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