Saturday, December 2, 2017

Utah Distributism In Action! Doomsday Prepper's Underground Bunkers With Stockpile Of Weapons Didn't Survive A Wildfire

A doomsday-fearing Utah man in his 80s spent more than 30 years building a stockpile of guns, grenades and food in scattered bunkers and cabins he illegally built in the wilderness, a Utah sheriff's office said Friday. 'His only intent was to defend what he had there if the end of the world was to come,' Iron County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Del Schlosser said. Schlosser said the man, fearing 'end times' or some kind of collapse of society or the government, slowly constructed four cabins and underground bunkers in the forest outside the ski town of Brian Head, hiking up materials in a piecemeal fashion. Source

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