Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fat Drunkard Scott F. Heatherly Assaults Petite Woman In Walgreens Parking Lot Over Road Rage Incident

At the corners of Fucked and Up.....

Shocking moment driver follows a woman off the interstate before tackling her and nearly running her over in a road rage dispute 

The moment an out-of-control man tackled a woman and nearly ran over her in a road rage dispute has been caught on surveillance camera. Police in Arnold, Missouri are seeking 50-year-old Scott F. Heatherly, whom they say is the suspect caught on camera, in connection with the assault Friday in a Walgreens parking lot. A police spokesman told late Wednesday that Heatherly had not yet surrendered to authorities as his family had previously said he would. 'We don't expect him to surrender this evening,' the spokesman said. Heatherly has already been charged in abstentia with assault and two counts of property damage, and has been ordered held pending bail of $50,000 when he is taken into custody, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Source

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