Friday, September 1, 2017

True Face Of Distributism: The East Wind Community....Dark rituals? Orgies?

This is the face of Distributism:

They reside in shared cabins with names from literature and history that, with a little research, evoke revolution and communitarianism: Anarres, Greyhaven, Fanshen, Sunnyside, Lilliput. A few people sleep in old buses. Most everything here — land, property, revenue — is shared equally. “Nobody can get richer than the next person,” Slavin said. Nor does anyone feel compelled to work if unable. And those who can’t still receive the welfare — food, shelter, health insurance — that people are often stigmatized for accessing on the outside. Tolerance for each other pervades within the community, even if it doesn’t always extend beyond it to the Ozark locals. East Winders withhold judgment based on appearance, religious belief and lifestyle. They wear what they want — even if that means nothing at all — without inhibition. Same-sex marriages were recognized here more than a decade before the federal government.They are all party to the community’s direct democracy. Everyone has the same political clout: one vote. Starting at age 7, children are entitled to a half-vote. All members are committed to what they call egalitarian socialism — communal ownership, equal distribution of wealth — putting them at odds with the Republican stranglehold on the region and perhaps explaining the schism between them and the Ozark locals. “Capitalism itself is the biggest deterrent to this sort of model,” Source

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