Monday, September 3, 2018

Oregon Hunter, 70, Is Rescued After Being Found Stuck Hanging UPSIDE DOWN In A Tree 30 Feet In The Air For TWO DAYS

A 70-year-old Oregon hunter has been rescued after hanging upside-down for two days about 30 feet above ground. Eddie Voelker, of Prineville, Oregon, was hunting earlier this week in the remote, northeastern part of the state when he slipped off his tree stand and became entangled in his safety harness while hanging upside-down. Voelker remained conscious but could not free himself until a father-and-son hunting duo heard him hollering out for help and spent an hour and a half searching because they weren't looking up. The hunter is now in critical condition at a hospital in Richland, Washington, where he is in a drug-induced coma, the East Oregonian reported. Source 

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