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Uber Driver Robert Westlake Fatally Shoots Stalker Jason Boek Who Threaten Him With A Gun

Stalker Jason Boek 

A Florida Uber driver who fatally shot an angry boyfriend who threatened him with a pistol on the road has opened up about his guilt over the incident, which has been praised by police as the 'perfect stand your ground case'. Robert Westlake, 39, the driver told WFTS Tampa Bay: 'Everything I do right now I'm being reminded that this other person doesn't get to do this... so it's hard to enjoy some things.' Westlake was taking a drunk woman home from the Grove bar in Winter Haven in the early hours of Tuesday morning when Jason Boek, 34, pulled his pick-up truck up in front of him. Boek mistakenly thought his girlfriend was in the back of the car. The couple had been fighting and he texted her to say he wanted to 'f*** up the Uber driver' after watching the vehicle arrive at the bar where she'd been and where he was watching her. Dashcam footage taken by a camera in Westlake's car shows him getting out of the truck and shouting: 'I've got a pistol. Do you want me to shoot you?' as he approaches the Uber. He was not holding a gun but had his cell phone in his hand.    Westlake, who has just finished police academy training and works as a security guard, did have a weapon. As Boek approached him, he fired one shot which struck him in the chest.  Source 


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