Sunday, December 27, 2020

Anti-5G Nutter: Anthony Quinn Warner Targeted Nashville AT&T Because Of His 5G Paranoia - Claimed That 5G Causes Covid & Spies On Americans

Anthony Quinn Warner targeted AT&T because he is an Anti-5G nutter?

This is the story now.

FBI found 5G stuff on AQW's computer....

'An oddball who had a paranoia about 5G': 'Nashville bomber's' neighbors say they saw him tinkering with the antenna on his roof and putting up 'No Trepassing' signs

Neighbors have described how the 'Nashville bomber' was an 'oddball' as the FBI probes whether he had a paranoia about 5G technology. Neighbors had reported seeing the RV used in the Christmas morning explosion parked outside of Anthony Quinn Warner's Antioch home. Tony Rodriguez, who lives within the duplex that agents raided on Saturday, told the Washington Post that he never spoke to his neighbor, 63, and did not know his name. He alleged that Warner kept 'No Trespassing' signs around the home, especially around the RV, and was often seen tinkering with antenna above the house. Rodriguez also claimed that investigators had taken a computer motherboard from Warner's house during the search. Another neighbor Steven Stone, 61, confirmed that he had seen a similar RV parked outside of Warner's place. 'When I looked out my window and saw all the law enforcement that's when it hit me that I'd see the camper up there,' he told USA Today. According to News4, a Nashville real estate agent contacted FBI agents after fearing the subcontractor who worked for him was who they were searching for in connection to the blast outside the AT&T transmission center. Realtor Steve Fridrich said a man who went by Tony Warner had done IT work for him as a subcontractor. Fridrich said he was asked by agents whether Warner had paranoia about 5G technology. Fridrich said they had never spoken about that. A source close to the federal investigation told News4 that agents were probing whether Warner had paranoia that 5G technology was being used to spy on Americans. Source

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