Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Germany: 1 Dead And 17 Injured After MUSLIM Refugee Sets Building On Fire & Blocks Exits On GOOD FRIDAY

A 32-year-old Syrian has set an apartment block alight in the German town of Leipzig. The man will be charged with arson and murder, Germany’s Bild newspaper reports. The refugee set fire to the apartment block in the early hours of Good Friday. As a result one person died, 17 were injured and several house pets died in the fire as well. A video shows how people were stuck on the roof of the building and had to jump down on a Fire Department cushion. Police think the man started the fire in a rubbish bin and intentionally blocked the rear and the front exit. Neighbours say police visited the man regularly as he fought fiercely with his wife. The injured suffered serious burns and broken bones from jumping from the roof. For now 34 people have lost their home. Germany’s Federal Prosecutor told Bild that they were charging the man first-degree arson, murder, and attempted murder. Source

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