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FOURTEENTH SUMMER EXPLOSION ON TIME! Lakewood Office Building And Shopping Center in Columbia Maryland BLOWS UP!

Summer is winding down...another SUMMER EXPLOSION this time office building/shopping center...

Gas of course because we all know office buildings and shopping centers use lots of gas....

Huge explosion DESTROYS office building in Maryland shopping center - just minutes after emergency services had evacuated the area

Workers at a Maryland office space are lucky to be alive after narrowly escaping a powerful gas explosion that authorities said 'totaled' the building.  The incident started just before 7am on Sunday when someone pulled the fire alarm at the Lakewood Office Building and shopping center in Columbia Maryland, a town located about 19 miles southwest of Baltimore, authorities said.  Howard County Fire and Rescue emergency crews responded to the scene where fire fighters found gas hissing out of a crater in the parking lot.  They made sure the shopping center was completely evacuated just before the office exploded around 8am. The blast collapsed the front of the office and the surrounding building spaces. Source

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