Tuesday, August 6, 2019

TEXAS....OUTRAGE Two White Galveston Cops On Horseback Leading A Black Man Through The Street By A ROPE


Outrage after two white Texas cops are pictured on horseback leading a handcuffed black man through the streets by a ROPE  

Police in Texas have sparked outrage after pictures emerged showing two white officers on horseback leading a black man through the street by a rope on Saturday. Galveston Police issued an apology on Monday after the shocking picture surfaced on social media, prompting a fierce backlash over its apparent connotations of slavery and civil rights issues. The photograph shows Donald Neely, 43, being transported by Officer Patrick Brosch and Officer A. Smith from 306 22nd St to the Mounted Patrol Unit on 21st and Market. Police clarified that while it may have appeared Neely's wrists were tied with the rope during the trespassing arrest, he was in fact handcuffed and the line was attached to the cuffs. Source

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